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This presentation I want to show you something a bit ... Hello my name is great to be here with you today. easily and with.

We all know why paint Builders are so popular.

They allow me to build beautiful static Pages quickly ...
different about building WordPress powered web. What do you do when you need to build Dynamics. HTML and CSS code.

Major Builders allow you to design instead of writing ...

For example how to create a listing site where members ...
can submit account.

How do you create a custom search with Boost the right ...
content from the database. This is what you wanted. It allows you to build ... display them on the sides front door.

How do you create your own custom pipes in fields and ...
Advanced Dynamic WordPress site without writing HTML CSS PHP. I will show you everything on an example of this directory ... site about jeans and trainers. All of it is designed with to set Weezer.

There's a home page with all the design elements.
information coming from related posts.

Custom list of bows.

Templates for single toast where we also display ...

Custom search wood mats.
And even front informed the gym owners can submit and ...

Archives pages.
when that happens a new gym post is automatically ... created on the side. of what Benjamin Christian. And you can see most of these is far out of the scope ... I will do most of them without special editing of course the ... easy and fast it is. Okay now I'll show you how to create such as died and how ... same time I would keep her passport with something like ... Let me show. the repetitive.

Listverse take a look at our site on the back end.
As you can see in the main menu we have separate bows ... for gyms and separate ones for trainers. This is what we called custom post types if we click on ... James received that they're basically post. Jim post separate from the rest of the content and work ... And he's just like a regular post up here but we can keep ... with them independently so to create a custom post type I ... just go to Tucson Sport and click to add a new post.

I give you the plural and singular name and if needed I ...

High kick 2 save.
can select text anonymous that I want to use with my ... post type plus some other advance.. Or you see the words way to group posts that have ...

By the way you know that the regular post can have a category.
Categories or what is called a taxonomy in WordPress. something in common. Well it also allows you to create custom taxonomy. For example we have the genotypes taxonomy and it ... allows us to categorize our Dreams by what they ... taxonomy terms to create my own taxonomy I just go to 2 today. added here in WordPress the subcategories are called ... specialize in like yoga Fitness weight lifting and so on.

Of course you can always add more subcategories just ...
Again I just give it to plural and singular name and I'm done.

I need the roof manually create event supposed type I ...
Events.. click the create a taxonomy for.

Now when I create event post I can group events by ...
different types concerts lectures conferences and so on. structuring minutes directly from the app. Okay as you can see we're actually building beside ...

Now let's take a look at 1 gym custom pause.

Besides the regular title and men can't.
What's allowed you to add any custom fields to your car. exactly what you want to display and how so you're ...

Helmet week old custom fields.
working with an M accountant because the information ...

Look when you create a list of gyms for example you select ...
comes from standard and custom fields and its dynamic ... this field to change for each pose. because your design stays the same but the Wailers of ...

Of course you can have any custom Fields using tools.
Let's have a single line field pressure District.

Again I just go to Tulsa - 4.

Thank you to add custom field for my event.

As you can see there are many feel types to choose from.

Let's start with the date be.
custom Fields ready to you.

That's it now when I create a new event post I have my ...
So we've just seen how to create a custom structure for your advance. Right now let me show you how to display all the ... information on the front. We can attach a list anywhere. Let's create a custom list of June bugs. Most attempts.

Mike sample I'll create a new page the Total Gym.
So I answered the two circular.

To set a list of post is called a view.

I'll call it simply Gimli.

Start by giving you the name.

Then I select the basic design option.

The default output for a list of post is agreed with Vegenaise.

I'm fine with that for now.

Finally I need to select which kind of content I want by this to display.
Here it seems so it's like that and The Wizard is not.

Okay so we start with an empty list.
Who designed the first element in this Orange Box here.

Then I'll design is applied to all the rest of the listed items.
I'll start by adding the post..

For this answer to 7.

We want to display the post title which is a standard post ...
Namek because each post has a different title. into WordPress. field meaning that we didn't create it ourselves but it's built ... the source to be the post titled wheedling.

Power of two two blocks license that they enable you ...
And everything is irie stuff post is there. to display Dynamic on.

Look I just turned on the dynamic hadn't text and select ...
team but we can easily customize. The Stylo 4 heading is currently coming from our ... Undertale graffiti I can change the font settings like the size.

Let's tweak it a bit in the right side door options.
Spacing. Colors.

Okay now let's display an image for a gym.
custom fields for jeans so we stay like that and then select ...

Yes I want to use a dynamic Source we have a group of ...
Nice it's really starting to look. our gym photo custom.

Again we can customize how the images display.
I know a little bit of a border radius. For example I can have the beat of a border. We can also add hybrid.

This is a list of post metal to make the image Link to the Past.
What does baby Jean type for every post.

We selected the next source and then the post URL.

For the final bill.
If you remember Jean types is a taxonomy so let's answer ... As its name tells you it allows you to display anything that McPhee. the two sets englefield black. We select external me and because there's only gym ... types of available to set selected it automatic.

Listen to make it into a link so that users can click on the ...
gym type and get the list of all genes that belong to.

That's pretty awesome for a few minutes of work and ...

Okay let's Barber Shop page and look at it on the front..
You could at fences starring tweeted minutes and you ... basically knows.. could add more fields. If I take this Fitness link I get a list of all gyms that do Fitness. touches and Moorefield. Here you can see a nicer design with some cool visual ... Okay we have a basic list of items.

What is our site has a lot of content like 50 or more.
How would we find the exact items that interesting. Choose what we want to add to our list.

No problem let's have a cartoon search so they can ...
filter the list by different parameters. A drop-down menu with Arch in pipes so when the user ...

Let's go back I needed the faith we literally still jeans.
selects one delete updates in this place only dreams of the select. If you remember when you're creating a new view you can ...

Turn able to search for an existing view we should like ...
the view block and tag along the search option. turn on this option in The Wiz.

Okay so now we have a whole new section for the view search.

In the drop-down we need to select what are ways it there ...
Jukebox is a big tsunami so I find it under text on my filter. Metafilter we take the answers field but.

I default you need to add a search button so users can ...
will be able to search by. Attic next and that's. submit selected filter. I feel like the view blog. Let's make the search update on the Fly.

I need the custom search section I select the option for ...
And you can also add the reset button so they can reset ... Ajax refresh when any filter is changed. the list results at any time. select the gym type the list updates to display only those jeans.

That's it on the front end our searches there and as we ...
Of course this is only scratching the surface you ... can add multiple filters and allow any search granularity uni.

Since we're talking about jeans with your physical ...
spaces Jim has a location which we store in a cotton field address. Other examples with addresses would be when use ... Mitosis and meiosis super easy. a map and display where they are in the real world. real estate properties stores whatever has a relocation.

Stokes when you display a list of items why not also include ...

Back to our view we simply had a map to our page.
InStyler there's a ton of options you can tweak for how ... Let's make it to be taller. your map is display. And to display our view result on this map I scroll down to ... view Black Ops. the market part and as the source I simply select the ...

That's it that's how easy it is.

Dairy Queen.
create a custom structure and how to display a custom list of ...

And look on the front and is the least is filtered the map ...
adjust automatic.

So far I've shown you how to say it helps you to quickly ...
Dynamic sources like post fields and field. items on the front end Wisconsin coming from ... We just scratched the surface and of course we don't have ... enough time to dive deep into everything to said has to offer. So let me quickly wants you to other important features ...

You've seen that they would do that everything is done ...
using blocks inside the WordPress blog editor. you can build with those.

First you can design custom archive pages that list all ...
those belonging to certain type of gun. However next song, categories also have archive ... So in a list of jeans when I click on a gym type I am ... pages in WordPress.

Here you can see an archive page for a custom post types for trainers.
So how do you design archives with those it actually ... taken to an archive page for that text animator. it's almost exactly the same as with you. any post type let's look at their archive for personal trainers.

On the dashboard you can create or access archives for ...

See it works exactly like of you you design blocks in the ...
first item and get a preview of the Holy. displaying single dose of anytime.

Besides archives allows you to design templates for ...

In our example or Gene poster displayed using the same design.
Heading 1 design for Old Post of the same type is great ...

It's the same for trainers.
because you do it once and it's automatically applied to all ... Again on the tool shed their fur page we can access or ... template and the changes applied to all items. items also when you need to change anything you have the ... create templates for all our post types. Let's edit existing content template for gym.

You guessed it again everything was built using ...
blocks and toes.

Play Just movies Black Sabbath and check on the front end.

Yes OG post immediately got audited with our changes.
content on the front end. Okay so we've seen how the greatest I'd structure which ... But what if you're building a directory or classified site like ... a real estate site and you need your users to be able to ... custom types of content and then how to display all of the ... submit content directly from the front. It's not only possible but it's also quick and easy. Non-example let's allow gym owners to submit their own gems to RCA.

I go to to set post forms page and click to add a new phone.
The formal name.

Next are the main settings.
First we select whether we're creating a new item in the site ... For example you would probably want to review the ... or editing an existing one then select the post type in this case. submissions before they actually go live on the Sun.

And we need to set the post date.
So we should like dress. Who is this best implemented. We are in the actual format.

Finally we can select what happens after the form is submitted.
This is where you choose which fields to display and ... arrange them using drag-and-drop just to make it ...

In the next.
So in our example we have filled for our genes see there's ... really clear these form fields are coming from the fields of this post.. a post titled main post content rating custom field the ... genotypes taxonomy and so on.

You can arrange field in two columns.

Move them around.

40 liter.

You can also add more fields from the right side..

I'm in the front of that we can set up notifications for ...
example when a new gym is submitted we can notify the ... Tri-Rail skip this. site admin and also send the confirmation email to the ... All we have to do is this plate on the front end. person that submitted the phone.

And that's it the forms create.
I create a new page.

Instituted formed.

Select the form we just created.
Earthquake is the meet the new G.

Let's published page and take a look in the front.

And there it is.

And if we go to the back end we will see the draft of our ...
submission with all the information we had. Very nice and super power. Indian let me show you an awesome to search feature ... Post relationship. that no other WordPress plugin even comes near.. to another time. jeans and trainers you can connect which trainers work at which gym.

Basically with tool set you can connect one type of contents ...
So a trainer post-show jeans that this particular trainer works.

So in our example if you create a relationship between ...

And the other way around of course.
I go to to set relationships page and click to add a new relationship.

Connecting post types is really easy.
down to how many post you can connect at either side of the relation. I'll go with a many-to-many relationship because of Jim ...

First select the relationship type this basically comes ...
can have many trainers and a trainer can work at managing.

Identillect the post types.

I can said the limits if needed.
custom fields for their connection. In this example it could be a contract with the date of ...

And many to many relationships can even have ...
expiry and other fields. Skip this for now. And finally I can customize the names of their relationship ... and select some advance..

That's it the post types are related.
When you edit a Gmail trainer post now you can easily ... Okay so we created the relationship and connected ... connect trainers with that g. are post now let this play this on the front..

Let's see how to lace trainers that work at the gym.
I added the template for Jim's and at the bottom I have a ... place to display related trainers.

Again we use the to see if you block to display a list.
Default display settings are fine.

Trainers who work at this time.
to display trainers related to the car engine. Obviously we select trainers and then we have the option ...

The crucial part is selecting the content to display.

And that's it you know this and have you just like any ...
information from the related train. other and tool set with automatically pull in the ... And there it is.

How quickly add the name of the trainer so we see you tonight.

And that's it I hope you enjoyed this quick ...
walkthrough of tosa features of course there's a lot more to ... do than this and you can find all the details in instructions.

Thanks for watching.


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