How To Add A PreConfigured Upload Field To A Product In Woocommerce.

How To Add A PreConfigured Upload Field To A Product In Woocommerce.

This is how you add a.

A general upload field to

on Woocommerce.
You want to log into the back in the dashboard.

A product category or two a product.
Go down to. Click on the blue letters. Upload files configurator


Under upload options you'll see all the different types of upload field.
Okay don't worry about touching anything here I've ...

Program to ID number 10.
already set the configuration just go to visibility.

Upload field all.

Click on show Hide field options.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to product category restriction.

Okay this is where you will.
Right now as you can see we don't have any categories. Right now the only product we have it assigned to. We're just going to assign it to a specific Product.

Assign the upload field to a product or to a category

This particular field upload field is to the family photo with deceased.

So say you want me to sign into different product category ...
so you just basically just type in the name of the product or the ID.

Go to your wooCommerce.
If you don't know what that is all you do is let me put this aside. Products. Products.

All products.
for the upload files configurator.

Right click.
or your right

Don't close up that page.

Open a new tab.
drag to the left Basically you just.

Okay and then.

Start typing in.

Start start typing the name of the product family so you ...
want on one on the family photo frame print session.

Family photo session frame Sprint frame print special.
you a drop down. As you can see right here it started popping up it gives ... So we select that one there Once it is selected we'll go down.

and hit


its saved

Since we have a cache plugin sorry want to.

Now we'll go to the.

Just so it will load the new changes on the front end

Click the view Purge from cache link
Now you want to click into the product that we just added the ... Or add to upload field to the front end otherwise it won't ... show up on the front end because it is cached upload field to

Then click preview changes.

As you can see now right here there's an upload field.

The Frame print special.Click on it.
Upload selected files. Lets add a photo there so you can see what happens.

I'm here or from here. image that you uploaded.

And there you have it. you can see a preview of the ...

Continue to book the session if there is one.
To a Product . A general upload field to the. So that's how you add and upload field.


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