Step 1. Open Two Browser Windows Side By Side Each With the WordPress Admin Dashboard Loaded Into Them.

Step 2. Click on Woocommerce – > Settings Link on Browser 1

Step 3 Repeat Step 2 by Clicking on Woocommerce – > Settings Link for Browser 2

Step 4 – In Browser one – Click on the payments Tab

Step 5 – In Browser two – Click on the Restrictions Tab

Step 6 – Your Browser Should look like this

Step 7 – In browser one, the payments tab is there for reference only. It will help us identify the right payment methods for the Restrictions Tab in browser 2.

Note! the Stripe Payment description. This is what you will see in the restrict tab if you choose to exclude Stripe from a category.

Step 8

Click on the payment gateways link.

Click on the Add Restriction Button.

Step 9

In This example I want to exclude all payment types for the Headshots Category accept for Pay by Amazon. Note that in “Browser one” there are only ‘Stripe Pay with Credit Card)’ , ‘PayPal (PayPal) and Amazon Pay activated globally. We can disregard the others payment gateways. Remember that the Stripe name is overridden with the description in payments settings… to “Pay With Credit card”.

  1. Enter the short description
  2. Exclude Gateways
  3. Add a condition. I want this to only affect the headshot Category.
  4. Click Save changes.

Step 10

Now open and incognito window in chrome and test your settings by adding the items in your cart and checking out.


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