In The navigation menu on the left side of the screen click “My Phone Book”.

Click on the word “Contact”.

Click on the 2017-04-14_14-07-57 import Button.

Download the sample csv here as a starting point.

contact_import_sample01 592 bytes

open the csv in excel and fill out the fields:

first_name, last_name, phone_number, email, date_birth and contact group.

For the phone number make sure that “+1” is entered for the country code before the rest of the phone number. Also be sure the column / cell or formatted as text.


You can put a fake date of birth in if you don’t have it but if you do have the contact’s real birthday the system can send “happy birthday wishes” sms or email automatically on the contact’s birthday.

For the contact group, get the group id in this column:

See the contact group tutorial if you do not know how to add a contact group.


You can add to multiple groups by adding the plus symbol.

AGAIN IMPORTANT! – In the mobile number field be sure to put “+1″then area code and phone number for US numbers or sms sending will fail. for example +13045555555

If you get confused just use the sample csv in this tutorial. Be sure that all cells are formatted as “text” before saving the modified csv file.

contact_import_sample01 592 bytes

Click the “Choose File ” button and navigate to where you saved your CSV file.

Choose file

Click “Open” and the click the “Save” Button.

You should receive a success message and click “ok”.

You should see all over your contacts assigned to the right groups.




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