• Open Numbers or Microsoft Word and type the size of images you want to print. for example 16×24, 20×30.
  • Open Shiraz RIP Server software and on the left side Tree Menu you will see all the Print Queues.
  • Using your Word Document or Numbers Document Determine what image  size you want to send to which print queue. The print queues are the named according to the printer model. For example EP3880 or EP9900.
  • Select the print queue name on the left tree menu and do the following.

(for this example we are going to print a 16×24 from darkroom using the EP9900_16x20_LusterPhoto Media type)

  • A pop up window appears showing the current hot folders that are enabled/created.
  • Click On The Hot Folder Widget
  • From Menu in the middle of the screen select Template.
  • Click EP9900->setup
  •  Next, determine if the Template(Hot Folder) for the size you want to print exists.
  • Office so skip to Darkroom Professional Section.
  • If not, do the following:
    • Click On the plus sign.
    • On the Print Flow window Enter a unique name. in this case 903-16x24on24inchROll.
    • Click next at the bottom of the window.
    • From the preset drop down scroll to the appropriate size and select it.
    • If it does not exist we have to create a photopak. Click here to learn how to create a fotopak template.

 Darkroom Professional

  • Click on the setup tab at the bottom of the screen.


Everyone product must have a printer and/or media rule attached to it.

In this case we are going to print to an external RIP software called

Shiraz Server. A RIP means Raster Image Printer. It is a Proprietary virtual print system that allows detailed printing of larger file sizes.

A Media Rule is basically a virtual printer or in other words a folder in the windows or mac file system

that Darkroom will render an image out to as configured in the Product and services -> Product Group area.  We will get to this topic  in a moment.

The Shiraz RIP Software will watch this for images exported from Darkroom.

Shiraz Will

  • In the Tree Menu On The Left
    • Select Products & Services – > Package Groups



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