In the previous tutorials we learned how to sign into IrisMagic Mail, create contact groups, import contacts via a csv file as well as manually. Now we will learn how to send a bulk text message.

To send a single or bulk text message:

On the left navigation menu select the “My SMS” menu Item.

Select “Send SMS” from the list.

Select the “Select Contacts” drop down field and check mark all the groups you want to mass send a text message to.

In the “Numbers To Send” (optional only if you have selected Contacts) , You can also send without a group by entering the phone numbers like so. +13045555555, +13045557778,etc… but making a group of contacts before hand is easier and allows you to streamline sending sms quickly and efficiently.

In the “Send As Field” select – Twilio (your only choice)

Skip SMS Template – “We will cover this later because this is not required”. This allows you to send pre made messages over and over again on the fly. Feel free to explore. the my SMS menu own your own.

For “Message” type in your message. Click send then your done.

You can click on sms history to see the status. If you see that the message status says “queued“. Then the messages were sent successfully.



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