Play - How To Create A Wordpress Site Part 1
    Hello My Name Is Russ and today I am going to show you ... how to create a wordpress site on First thing You want to do is open your web browser. I am using chrome but you can use any modern browser ... like safari, edge, or firefox. In the address bar type in Once the page loads click on the input box right below the ... where it says "Begin search for your perfect domain name.."'

    Type in the domain you want. I am going to create one ...

    next click the check box in the recaptcha then press search!

    Cool my domain is available!
    If your domain is taken, keep trying until you find an ...

    unavailable domain name.

    now click the add to cart button.
    Click it Again to go to checkout. You have your domain name but now you need webhosting ... to display your web pages. To add hosting, click on the [No Hosting! Click To Add] link Now click the "'Order Now"' button to select your desired ... hosting package. The domain you selected on the previous page should ...

    populate in the dropdown box.
    Click the "'use"' button to go to the next page.

    Before you click the "'Checkout"'
    or Paypal Button Enter your promo code. In this instance I had a promo code that gave me a 100 ... percent discount. Now review your items on the checkout cart page. If you are not using paypal then click the "'Checkout" button. On this page enter your contact information.

    Be sure to input a valid email address and phone number.

    Your email will serve as the user name.

    In the account security section enter a password.

    Under the total due choose your payment method.

    Lastly check the box in the recaptca and click the ...
    complete order button. After a successful payment you should get an order ... confirmation number. Also check your email to and click the verification link

    Go back to the order confirmation page and click on ...
    the "Continue To Client Area" button. You should now see your personal dashboard. Under Active Products and Services Click on your new domain name.

    Under the actions menu click on login to cpanel.

    In the search box type in wordpress
    under Applications Tab, click on "'wordpress manager"' click the New Site Button Next click on the advanced configuration link. Change the document root subpath, delete it, or leave it at the default subroot. If you add a document root subpath, you must append the document in all your urls to ...

    access your wordpress site.
    For branding purposes i am going to delete the document subpath.

    Next enter an admin user name and password
    Enter a new email address. Lastly Enter Your Wordpress Site Name and Description. ensure create new database is selected from the drop ... down and click the install button. Congratulations. You have now created a ... wordpress site. Memorize or write down your admin password in a safe ... place. We will need this to log in to ... the bag end to make customizations.

    Click on your site link to see your wordpress blog.
    And there you have it. Well sort of. In the next section we will change the site theme to ... match our brand and give it a more personel flavor.


    We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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