Determine whether the claim stated below represents the null hypothesis or the alternative hypothesis. If a hypothesis test is​ performed, how should you interpret a decision that​ (a) rejects the null hypothesis or​ (b) fails to reject the null​ hypothesis? A scientist claims that the mean incubation period for the eggs of a species of bird is less than 57 days.

In a survey of 641 males ages​ 18-64, 394 say they have gone to the dentist in the past year. Construct​ 90% and​ 95% confidence intervals for the population proportion. Interpret the results and compare the widths of the confidence intervals. If​ convenient, use technology to construct the confidence intervals. The​ 90% confidence interval for the population proportion p is ​ The​ 95% confidence interval for the population proportion p is Interpret your results of both confidence intervals. Which interval is​ wider?


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